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defending pandering charges in kentucky and ohioPandering, also known as pimping, is the crime of recruiting prostitutes or of arranging a situation for another to practice prostitution. It can also include creating, selling or distributing visual or print media designed to appeal to a person's sexual interest.

Specifically in Ohio, "Pandering Obscenity" refers to the latter definition described above including obscene performances, whereas, "Promoting Prostitution" has its own separate penal code.

As with other sex crimes, prosecutors are under a great deal of pressure to get a conviction on pandering and prostitution charges. Yet, defending a pandering charge requires a very different strategy from other types of sex crime defenses. Knowing the goals of the prosecution can make a significant difference since pandering charges, quite regularly, are made against one person may actually in an attempt to build a case against someone else.

Pandering can carry a severe sentence and sometimes involve several counts each with its own possible prison time. Since these charges normally carry heavy sentences, you will need an early and aggressive defense.

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