When Parole is Violated in Kentucky

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If a parolee has violated the conditions of his or her release, parole may be revoked. Some common violations of parole in Kentucky are:

  1. Technical violations such as:
    • Failure to report as scheduled to the parole officer
    • Absconding
    • Curfew violations
    • Using alcohol or drugs
    • Failure to attend required counseling
  2. Being convicted of a new misdemeanor offense.
  3. Being convicted of a new felony offense.

If the parole officer has reason to believe that a parolee has committed a violation, the officer will:

  1. Detain the parolee
  2. Serve the parolee with a notice of charges
  3. Set a date for a preliminary revocation hearing. (NOTE: If the parolee chooses to waive the preliminary hearing, he or she admits guilt to the stated charges.)

The preliminary revocation hearing establishes whether probable cause exists to support the charge that parole violations have been committed. If probable cause is found, the Parole Board may require that the parolee return to prison while waiting for a final revocation hearing (known as PV).

At the "PV" hearing, if it is determined that the parolee has, in fact, violated the conditions of parole, the Parole Board revokes parole with the following options:

  1. Reinstate the parolee with additional conditions;
  2. Defer the case for a set period of time; or
  3. Require the individual to serve the remainder of his or her sentence incarcerated.

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