Building Your Defense With Private Investigation

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private investigations to defend criminal investigation cases in ohio and kentuckyCriminal investigation cases in Kentucky or Ohio often require reciprocal private investigation in order to build a solid defense. Any attorney who does the investigation personally is limited in what he or she can do.

For example, if a witness imparts information during an interview with the attorney and, at a later time the information becomes relevant to the case, the attorney cannot call himself as a witness.

The Law Office of Lisa Wenzel Wells in Covington, KY, hires experienced private investigators to build your defense.

These investigators have a proven track record in Kentucky and Ohio criminal investigations. While keeping a top-notch professional standard of confidentiality, they obtain obscure documents and long-lost records, locate and interview witnesses that may help your case, provide surveillance when needed, and so much more. In essence, they work tirelessly alongside Lisa Wenzel Wells to obtain a "Not Guilty" verdict.

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