Criminal Investigations

defending criminal investigation in ohio and kentuckyIt is of the utmost importance that you refrain from talking to anyone without your attorney present when being investigated in Kentucky or Ohio.

One simple phone call from a police officer or detective requesting that you "come in and talk" can make the difference between your freedom and incarceration.

If you, or someone you love, is being investigated for suspected criminal activity by the police or other organizations, the time to hire an attorney and start building your defense is before you are charged.

If you "talk" to the police without an attorney present, you can easily incriminate yourself without even knowing it. Police officers and detectives are trained in interrogation tactics that get results. More often than not, the only reason they want to talk to you is because, otherwise, they don't have enough evidence to charge you.

Why else would they want to talk to you?

The result can be the charges being dropped, but most likely it is to get a confession or any incriminating evidence to put you behind bars.

Building Your Defense With Private Investigation
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