Lisa Wenzel Wells

lisa wenzel criminal defense attorney kentucky ohioLisa Wenzel Wells is a fearless, savvy, and aggressive attorney dedicated to defending your case. Her "one-two punch" has proven successful in defending helpless victims of wrongful prosecution:

  • Former Felony Prosecutor Experience
    Using her "insider" experience as a former felony prosecutor, Lisa knows how to accurately assess the prosecution's case against you and subsequently how to defeat it.

  • Effective Methods of Persuasion
    With her national experience making written and oral arguments and specific training from renowned criminal defense attorney Gerry Spence, Lisa Wenzel is a phenomenon in the courtroom.

Above all, Lisa's personal commitment to provide you with the best possible defense comes from a devotion that is truly rare in the world of law. Her battles have been successful because of her experience, know-how, and the fact that she truly cares about you, your family and your freedom.

To find out more about Lisa Wenzel's experience, background, or extensive training, please select any of the links listed below.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Ky & Oh
Trained as a Felony Prosecutor
Case Specific Training and Continuing Legal Education Credits
Specialized Training From The Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College
Rule 20 Certified in Death Penalty Cases by Ohio Supreme Court
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