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Lisa is a regular guest on 700 WLW. Listen to her insightful analysis

of current cases and legal matters currently in the headlines.

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Date Host Time Stamp Topic
10/03/2001 Bill Cunningham 01:10 Amanda Knox
10/03/2011 Marc Amazon 01:55 Amanda Knox
10/04/2011 Bill Cunningham 05:20 Amanda Knox
10/13/2011 Marc Amazon 00:01 Lisa is Co-Hosting/All Things Legal
10/17/2011 Bill Cunningham 16:35 Marcus Isreal Trial -Killed Sgt.Brian Dulle
10/19/2011 Marc Amazon 02:00 Animals Loose In Zanesville & Occupy Cincy
10/25/2011 Bill Cunningham 00:55 Stacey Schuler
10/25/2011 Marc Amazon 01:00 Stacey Schuler
10/27/2011 Marc Amazon 00:30 Stacey Schuller Verdict
10/28/2011 Sloanie and Tracy 01:30 Stacey Schuller Verdict


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