Family Law: When Faced With Divorce, A Lawyer Can Be Your Strongest Advocate

It's been said there are no winners in family law. When couples divorce or parents get involved in contentious child-custody disputes, the emotional and financial toll on all parties can make it seem like no one comes out ahead.

Compassionate Counsel Backed By Strong, Trial-Tested Experience

However difficult your divorce or other domestic relations issue may be, you can better position yourself to achieve a positive resolution by working with an experienced divorce lawyer.

When choosing a family law attorney, you want someone with the resources to manage even the most difficult cases — valuating property, discovering hidden assets, outlining tax implications and numerous other factors are important to ensuring your most valuable assets are protected.

Lisa Wells uses many of the skills she's developed as a trial-tested criminal defense lawyer to better assist her clients in the Cincinnati metro who are facing complex, high net worth divorce.

Below are some of the most common domestic relations issues Lisa handles:

If you are a parent trying to protect the relationship you have with your child during a child custody dispute, or if you are a business owner and are considering filing for divorce, ensure you understand what you're up against. Attorney Lisa Wells can explain the law, the implications of your actions and guide you through the entire process.

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