Sex Crimes

The "Black Mark" of Sex Crime Charges

Being accused and convicted of sex crimes can destroy your life in many ways:

  • Your reputation is harmed with regards to your community, church, and social groups.
  • Work opportunities dry up or are severely slowed.
  • Personal relationships suffer greatly or end altogether.
  • Housing is difficult to find due to stiffer laws about sex offender registration.

All this, of course, is in addition to the fact that you will face jail time, and often severe lengths of time depending on the nature of the sex crime.

With all this at stake, it is interesting to note that there are more people wrongfully accused of sex crimes than any other area of criminal law. In fact, anyone can accuse you of a sex crime! Even worse, the evidence is often based on hearsay.

A successful defense for sex crime charges depends upon very distinct defense strategies. You will need an attorney with a great deal of experience in sex crime defense, criminal law, comprehensive investigation, and trial preparation. Former prosecuting attorney, Lisa Wenzel, knows the insider secrets and has the abundant experience in sex crime defense.

Following is a list of the most common sex crime charges. Click on a specific sex crime for more detailed information.