Homicide is defined as the act of killing another human being. Criminal homicide, or unlawful killing, is when a person causes the death of another purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently. Examples of criminal homicide would be murder or manslaughter.

But homicide is not always a crime. For example, when a person commits homicide in self-defense, the law does not view this as criminal. Another very recognizable example would be when a person, considered to be insane, causes the death of another.

The consequence of a criminal homicide conviction is gravely serious with penalties that could land you in prison for life or even the death penalty. Both Ohio and Kentucky still support the death penalty and use it in certain cases.

The classification of the charge against you, along with the sentence you could face will depend largely upon the skill of your criminal defense lawyer. For example, a murder charge can be reduced to manslaughter if certain mitigating circumstances apply.
Lisa Wenzel, a former prosecuting attorney, is an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Cincinnati area. By working together, you have a greater chance of having your charges lessened or possibly dropped altogether.

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