Assault Cases -- Defending Those Charged With Assault And Battery

If you've been arrested for assault and battery in the greater Cincinnati area, a conviction could make your life very difficult. Not only does a criminal record make it hard for you to rent an apartment or find work, you could end up serving jail time as well.

There are two sides to every story — perhaps the confrontation with your neighbor was provoked by years of excessive stress and aggravation, or the fight at the Reds game resulted from a threat of bodily harm. What led up to the fight matters a great deal even if you threw the first punch. Extenuating circumstances, eye witnesses, and the opinions of medical professionals can all impact the outcome of your assault case whether the charges are reduced or dropped all together.

A simple plea of "guilty" to an assault charge comes with serious consequences. It leaves a permanent record of a criminal conviction in black and white -- no matter what the circumstances were. How your case is prepared, the facts submitted in your defense and how they are presented affect the outcome of the charges and sentence against you. With your future at stake, it is best to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Cincinnati area to help you fight these charges against you.

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