I am lucky to have found Lisa...

Lisa is not only an extremely caring person as an individual, she also cares about her clients personally. She is a very bright woman, whom is extremely smart and knowledgeable in her fields. Lisa is very strong and independent and doesn't shy away from confrontations, she goes after them. Lisa knows the law, inside and out, and will work her hardest to prove your innocence, if so need be. I have never seen such an enthusiastic attorney work so hard in fighting for a case she believes in.

She worked on my case nonstop until she got what she needed to do, done. Lisa's staff is extremely intelligent as well. They do whatever they can for you also. She must have hand-picked her employees because the drive and ambition of her staff matches that of Lisa.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone and everyone I know that could possibly need her in the future. She is that good.

All that I can say, is that I found Lisa to represent me, and that was an extremely smart move on my part to hire her, and there is absolutely, no reason for anyone to look for a better attorney...you won't find one!

Once again Lisa, I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for me. You're the best!!!


Lisa got my brother the best options...

I would like to speak about Lisa Wenzel Wells' handling of my brother's case with DUI and assault charges. She was called mid-afternoon on a Sunday and within two hours she was at the jail visiting him. By the time arraignment was held on Monday morning she already had things in the works for us to obtain bond money and an investigator lined up to meet with the family.

She and her staff kept us informed of every step in all court procedures and the outcome she expected. In working with the prosecutor's office, I feel that Lisa got my brother the best options available to him. She is still continuing to work with the family in obtaining shock probation.

A. C.

Lisa cares about me as a client and as a person...

Lisa Wenzel Wells has been my knowledgeable, reliable, consistent attorney for several years. She has successfully supported me in various legal settings, some of which included my divorce, and a $5,000,000 civil suit. In my years of knowing Lisa Wenzel, I have been impressed by many things. First and foremost, this includes her passion, energy and creativity. I have watched her practice grow and mature. She has surrounded herself with a very qualified team of lawyers, office staff, investigators and others that have been extremely helpful in getting the job at hand done.

Lisa is also well respected in the law enforcement, private investigation and law communities. I have seen judges request her help on law knowledge in court on numerous occasions. Her confidence and ability to build a relationship with a jury was astounding. She has an uncanny ability to adapt quickly at trial. You won't find a better attorney to conduct a deposition in my opinion.

I've been impressed with her perseverance, work ethic and character. Her ability to remember details from months and years back is also truly remarkable. Her logical thinking in approaching the law is impressive. I greatly appreciated her willingness to stand up to judges and other attorneys for what was right.

Her willingness to listen, to accept other points of view, to understand a client's strengths/limitations, to communicate effectively and then champion a strategy that supported my goals were invaluable. Lisa was also very financially responsible and caring, which was a great comfort during my divorce. Her compassion for the human aspect of litigation has been commendable. My two boys will be forever grateful for Lisa's 'family values' approach.

Lisa cares about me as a client and as a person. That is a great feeling.

D. A.

Dedicated and hard working professional...

If you're in need of a dedicated and hard working professional, then Lisa would be at the top of my list, and her knowledge is not to be matched by many. Lisa truly cares and works for her clients frantically, and in my opinion you get what you pay for, as her secretary and associates are great to work with also.