Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving KY & OH

Have you been falsely accused of a crime in Kentucky or Ohio?

If so, you may be asking yourself these common questions:

  • How serious are the charges against me?
  • What are my rights and legal options?
  • How can I prove I didn't do it?

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Ky & Oh

As a former Felony Prosecutor, Lisa knows the justice system from the "inside" out. This insider experience enables her to assess the prosecution's case against you and develop a winning strategy to defeat it.

While working alongside seasoned prosecutors has aided in honing her overall strategy skills, the extensive criminal law and hands-on training (including the renowned Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College) has greatly enhanced her masterful art of persuasion in both writing and the courtroom.

Lisa Wenzel Wells, criminal defense attorney in Ohio and Kentucky, understands your worries and frustrations. Due to her extensive training and experience in criminal law, she knows exactly what's needed to defend your case successfully, and she has the passion and caring to make sure your rights are fully protected.Member Nationwide Directory of Criminal Lawyers.

"Lisa's confidence and ability to build a relationship with a jury was astounding. She has an uncanny ability to adapt quickly at trial. I greatly appreciated her willingness to stand up to judges and other attorneys for what was right." 
Don G. Adams
Cincinnati, Ohio


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